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The judicial disciplinary hearing of disgraced Detroit judge Wade McCree has taken yet another odd turn. Last week, the judge, in very graphic and colorful fashion, described his wild sex life with ex-girlfriend, Geniene Mott. His animation seemed more fit for a Broadway stage than a court of law.

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Though, this week, the judge has been singing a different tune.

For one, he seems unable to recall key moments from his four-month relationship with Mott when questioned by the prosecution.

Here is a rundown of the judge’s amnesia, as reported by Fox 2 News Detroit:

“You are now calling other judges on behalf of your mistress? Am I not correct?” he was asked.

“You are not correct,” McCree said.

“Calling on your own behalf, Mr. McCree?” he was asked.

“No. I called the judge’s clerk. I didn’t call the judge,” McCree said.

“You called the judge’s clerks, did you not?” he was asked.

“Yes. That I did,” McCree said.

The judge was also asked, “You wanted to break up with her in June-July?”

“I didn’t say June,” McCree said.

“July, August, September and October, correct?” he was asked.

“Yes,” McCree said.

Oh, and the judge’s doctor, David Jacobi, blamed his behavior on hypomania, an impulse control disorder. Jacobi said he learned about it when the media did.

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“When I heard Wade McCree report to have said… ‘no shame in my game,’ it suggested to me a loss of the normal control that people who are judges normally have,” Jacobi testified.

Indeed, the judge’s testimony is made for primetime TV. Check out the video below.