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My favorite young cat at my Factotum-type night gig deals almost exclusively with white girls and although he can’t give me a concrete reason for why he does (despite his 148 IQ), I can give him one for why I don’t.

“I can’t put on a brave face just to run out to the store, dawg,” I explain. “If somebody’s gonna hate on me and my lady, let it be individually or collectively but not because we’re challenging the traditional conventions of America.”

I’m a coward. I know this. But he gets mad-and he does this all the time, yelling to me about how he loves those kinds of confrontations (“I know you do!” I say) and how he wins all those stare-downs (“Sure!” I say) and how he wishes somebody would have the nerve to say something to him whenever he has a white girl on his arm (“I’ll bet! I’ll bet! It’d be something to see!”)

“I don’t know,” he says finally. “I just… like white girls.” I pat him on the shoulder. It’s a consoling pat like he just lost the game or something but… he didn’t.

When I met this cat he was complaining about the show Flavor of Love staring Flavor Flav.

“What’s wrong with Flavor of Love?” I asked, not that I liked or watched the show that often at all, I just I wanted to hear his opinion. I had a feeling it was gonna be good.

“As a Black man…” he began. Uh-oh… I started thinking.

He didn’t have to say anything else.

Henry Louis Gates is married to a white woman. This came as no surprise to me because the first time I saw the guy giving an interview on television he said the word “Black” five times before his sentence could come to a period.

Now, while it would be absurd to suggest that all or even most interracial relationships have root in the mentality demonstrated so well in the video below, we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that at least some of them do, wouldn’t we?

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