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Is it true that men should wear boxers instead of briefs? What do men need to know about those steaks and brats they love to grill? What about that certain myth concerning a man’s shoe size?

Here are a few myths and facts  about men’s health:

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Men who wear briefs have fewer sperm.

False. Although prolonged high temperatures may affect sperm count, the evidence that wearing briefs leads to lower sperm counts is inconsistent.

Penises can break.

True. There is no “penis bone,” but you can tear the tunica albuginea, which is a fibrous sheath that is stretched during an erection. This is called a “penile fracture,” and it most commonly occurs during sexual activity. Treatment most often involves surgery. Fortunately, penile fractures are rare.

Hats and/or blow dryers can cause baldness.

False. There’s no evidence that wearing a hat or using a blow-dryer causes baldness. Male pattern hair loss occurs because the hair follicle becomes smaller, resulting in shorter, finer hair and eventually no hair.

Men hit their sexual peak at 18.

True. This is true, at least regarding a man’s supply of testosterone, which peaks at 18. However, peak hormone levels don’t equate to peak sexual performance.

The more you shave, the thicker your beard will be.

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