A multilevel approach to caring for your beautiful Black skin is more than just a diet. The average person is exposed to thousands of chemical substances every day. On top of that, a poor choice in what you eat, lack of exercise, insufficient nutrition and let’s not forget a lack of water can overload your livers ability to properly detox your body.

What do you think the results will be for you? Fatigue, depression, sluggishness and guess what else? A dull complexion!

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Step 1: Permanent Beauty Means Long-Term Lifestyle Changes

So you decide to go on a detox “diet”, hoping that you can feel that burst of energy and bring life back into your dull, dry, ashy skin. Some of you will decide to participate in this ritual once a year, twice a year, maybe even every quarter.

It’s important to remember that while detoxing can certainly help you achieve your short-term beauty goals, chances are you’ll slip back into your less-than-healthy lifestyle habits, and your skin will eventually find itself looking as it did before.

So, how can you have and maintain your beautiful Black skin? It has to be a lifestyle change and choice. Because you can’t live in a bubble, how about taking a different course of action and changing the way you live? This is not a small feat, but when you decide to change how you live and what you take into your body, the rewards can be great!

Essential Lifestyle Steps For More Beautiful Skin

• Stop smoking!

• Don’t drink alcohol or drink in moderation.

• Drink plenty of water. Water is the ultimate key to detoxifying. And it’s the most basic and important element in any daily regimen. Drinking water stimulates your kidneys, liver and your digestive functions. Bringing a boost to your metabolism, water will accelerate the elimination of toxins and fat. It not only delivers nutrients to our cells and keeps our kidneys functioning well, but also aids in eliminating wastes and toxins. Without enough water to help the body flush out waste, the body is basically like a pool of poisons, resulting in many kinds of health issues including skin problems. To have glowing and healthy skin, you have to drink at least 6 – 8 glasses of water everyday. For even deeper cleansing, add a few slices of naturally-cleansing lemon to your water.

• Exercise! Salsa nights, morning swims, evening walks…they’re all good! Sweat helps rid the pores of harmful toxins…and activity, of course, helps to keep your body looking right, too.

• Eat healthy, organically-grown foods. Eat fruits and have fresh fruit juices, which are easily assimilated by your body and help in eliminating waste and reduce cravings for sugar. Eat vegetables and have fresh vegetable juices, which supply your body with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and plant proteins. Also, be sure to get in your antioxidants. They are highly beneficial to the skin, protecting it from environmental damage and preventing premature aging. Have a serving of antioxidant-rich fruits every day. Some of the antioxidant-rich fruits are blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, pears, cherries, pomegranates and plum

These are just the first steps to any successful detox program. But by reducing your exposure to toxins, both in your environment and in your foods, you’re also reducing the amount of strain on your body.

Step 2: How To Detox For Beautiful Black Skin!

Detoxing is not about starving yourself. It’s about introducing pure and healthy nutrients into you body while avoiding as many harmful elements as possible and clearing out toxins that may have accumulated in your body. This can include fasting, yes, but it doesn’t have to. There are many different detox kits, teas and herbs on the market that can be helpful as well. If you have questions on what products may work for you, talk to a dermatologist or an alternative health practioner. There are even certain foods, such as fiber-rich vegetables and lemons that can help clean your body of toxins.

A few useful detoxifiers include:

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