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Tyra Holmes (pictured) faced a judge on Friday thinking she would receive a bond for her alleged crime of stabbing her husband to death over text messages, but she didn’t.  The Plantation, Fla., mother of one-year-old twins reportedly remains incarcerated for her crime, according to CBS News.

Police investigators allege that Holmes, 26, and Michael, her husband of two years, got into a violent argument on June 26 when she found text messages from other women on his cell phone, according to a police report. When Homes accused her husband of keeping the alleged females’ texts, he became angry and allegedly “put his palm on her forehead.” The document then states that Tyra went downstairs to get a butcher knife, rushed back upstairs to confront Michael. At some point, she claims she “blanked out.”

By the time officers arrived at the Holmes household, they discovered Michael had been stabbed in the chest but was still alive. The authorities notified a nearby hospital trauma unit, then transported the 35-year-old man to the medical facility. Michael was pronounced dead at the medical center.

According to Michael’s family, he and Tyra were constantly at odds and that he was planning on leaving her.

“My brother was too good for this. Everything he did, he did for his family,” Alexis Jewell, Michael’s sister told CBS. On the other hand Tyra’s mom alleges that her daughter’s relationship was not all silver and gold. “She’s a good mother. The truth will come out,” Andrea Wallace told CBS.

As far as the couple’s children, the Department of Children and Families will determine where they will be placed because Tyra is incarcerated.

Meanwhile, a court will decide Tyra’s fate as she waits in a jail cell for a hearing.

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