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“Basketball Wives” co-star Nia Crooks (pictured right) reportedly will not be chillin’ in a jail cell anytime soon as a result of a plea deal she took for b*tch slapping cast mate Jennifer Williams during an episode of the hit show, according to TMZ.

Crooks, who was charged with misdemeanor battery by the Broward County District Attorney’s office in Florida, slapped Williams across the face last year during a heated group discussion with other cast members as they sat around a dinner table. The violent move, which was unprovoked by Williams, was captured by the show’s Vh1 camera crew. Williams filed a criminal complaint against Crooks in turn.

Crooks, who faced a year in prison, decided to plea “no contest.” It seems like the only route to go, considering her violent display was caught on film.

Instead of a jail cell, Crooks was allegedly sentenced to a year’s probation and a $645 fine. She also has to compose a letter of apology to Williams, undergo thirteen weeks of anger management training and keep her distance from her victim.

Lesson learned, ya think?