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Tina Weaver (pictured) is singing the praises of an unnamed security guard who managed to snag Matthew Smith (pictured below), whom Clayton County, Ga., police claim  attempted to entice her 12-year-old daughter for deviant purposes as she walked to the store to buy candy, according to WSB-TV.

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Smith now faces enticing a child for indecent purposes charges. A judge has denied a bond for Smith.

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The child’s ordeal began when she was walking in her mobile home park en route to a local convenience store when she was allegedly approached by Smith, whom she claims tried to lure her. When the child ignored his advances, he continued to observe her. The little girl told WSB-TV, “I was really shaken and scared and I really didn’t know what to do.”

When the child ran home to tell Weaver what had taken place, the miffed mom went looking for Smith, whom she was able to locate. Weaver then summoned the authorities but when they did not arrive in a timely manner, she resorted to calling the mobile park’s security line.

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The unidentified security guard answered Weaver’s call and went to see Smith to investigate the accusations. When the guard tried questioning Smith, he took off. The guard ran after the suspect, caught him, then wrestle him to the ground and waited for the cops to arrive. During the course of their struggle, Smith allegedly told the guard that he tried to entice the young girl.

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Weaver is ecstatic that the guard was able to apprehend Smith and is calling him a hero. “If he hadn’t been down there to catch him, Smith would have gotten away and it could have been somebody else’s life in jeopardy,” Weaver said.

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