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It seems that after Denzel and Pauletta Washington (pictured) graced the cover of ESSENCE celebrating their 30-year union as man and wife, gossip rags have been scrambling to unravel what they’ve built. The rumor mill is aflame with accusations of infidelity on Denzel’s part and talk that the couple is on the verge of divorcing. But according to the Gossip Cop, a representative for Denzel says they are staying together.

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Star magazine released a story this week on how they interviewed unnamed sources who spilled the “goods” on Denzel’s alleged philandering. The Star claims that Pauletta has finally “reached her breaking point” with her Oscar-winning husband’s alleged cheating and that an unidentified “close pal” of the actor told them that “Denzel has always sweet talked his way out of it [cheating].”

The rag then goes on to state that an incident occurred last month that was the “last straw for Pauletta.” A source allegedly told the Star that Pauletta became “furious,” after Denzel was seen with a blonde at a Beverly Hills party. The source then allegedly told the rag that “a reconciliation seems unlikely” for the pair whose marriage has been allegedly strained for years.

According to the Gossip Cop, however, the rumors about the Washingtons are unsubstantiated and the Star’s inaccurate reporting is commonplace. A source close to the actor told the Gossip Cop that the Star’s story is “nonsense!”

A rep for Denzel also told the Gossip Cop that his client and Pauletta are “not divorcing, not separating!”

Denzel has been at the center of gossip for a few years, as are many high-profile celebs.  Despite the Tinseltown crazies where divorcing a spouse is as easy as changing underwear, Denzel and Pauletta have, after 30 years and four children, chosen to stay the course for the long haul.

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