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In 2007, the world wept when they learned of Robin Roberts’ cancer battle – she had been diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer. In 2012, they were again devastated when the co-anchor of Good Morning America announced she was suffering from MDS as a result of her breast cancer treatment.

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Once again, Robin has made a victorious return to Good Morning America after recovering from a live-saving bone marrow transplant. While the world marvels at her grace and indomitable spirit of optimism, African-American women proudly celebrate her sisterhood.

For many African-American women, when Roberts was diagnosed, breast cancer finally had a face….and it was as devastating as if a friend or family member had been diagnosed.

Two years earlier, in June 2005, after a 5-year stint as an ESPN sportscaster, Robin was promoted to co-anchor of GMA. Like a bright smile rapidly spreading across the face of the nation, Robin, along with co-host George Stephanopoulos, became a friendly, familiar, trusted face on the popular morning show.

Never was Robin’s strength more apparent than when she vowed to beat it and return to her GMA chair. Quietly turning tragedy into inspiration, Robin allowed the world to watch as she bravely underwent surgery, before going on to complete chemotherapy, followed by radiation treatments.

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