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On Wednesday, George Zimmerman legal team leaders Mark O’Mara (pictured left) and Don West (pictured middle) were videotaped at Nello, one of New York City’s most-expensive restaurants, looking quite jubilant, even though O’Mara was interviewed just days before saying both he and his family were afraid for their lives.

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Nello is an organic Italian restaurant with pasta dishes that top off at $275 a plate. Its patrons reportedly include rapper and businessman Jay-Z and baseball player Alex Rodriguez. And apparently, its newest patrons also include O’Mara and West, with O’Mara telling TMZ casually, “It [the food] was good. It was great. This [restaurant] is one of the best. I am coming back.”

And of course, when O’Mara was asked about the outcome of the Zimmerman case, he responded, “He [George Zimmerman] was innocent from Day 1. I’m just glad the jury saw that.”

Watch video of O’Mara and West leaving Nello here:

But the restaurant exchange is a bit ironic, given that just days before, O’Mara was complaining that both he and his wife — along with the Zimmermans — feared for their lives. When O’Mara was recently on “The View,” co-host Barbara Walters made mention of the “fear” both he and his wife, who happens to be smiling brightly in the crowd, are supposedly experiencing since the not-guilty verdict went down.

Watch Walters reference this “fear” at 3:22 below:

O’Mara, nodding, then explains the danger his client is experiencing, saying, “He’s [Zimmerman] in hiding. I don’t think he ever walks the street again without thinking the person walking at him, or behind him, has the anger that we now see in some of the tweets … there is so much emotion attached to this case.”

Does something seem incongruous to you?

I would dare to say that — despite the claim that O’Mara and company are quaking in their boots — Zimmerman’s legal team looks quite celebratory in their neverending victory lap across the country.

Maybe I’m taking too much liberty with my observation here, but in the above picture and in the video, with CNN analyst Mark Geragos, I would wager that “smug,” “pleased,” and “victorious” would be more apt words to describe their overall disposition.

And what an appropriate disposition that is!

Yes, let the Zimmerman team continue to act as though they just won the Superbowl rather than truly acknowledge the fact that their client took a child out on what should have been a forgettable rainy evening. A child that never got to see his 18th birthday.

Yes, let’s go ahead and celebrate that while we eat that $43 lobster bisque.

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