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Trayvon Martin‘s parents appeared on “The View” this morning to express their disappointment over George Zimmerman‘s not guilty verdict. It was the parent’s fourth morning interview.

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Barbara Walters asked Trayvon’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, and father, Tracy Martin, about their whereabouts during the reading of the verdict. Fulton said her legal team advised against she and Mr. Martin being in the courtroom when the verdict was read because of “emotions.” Fulton and Martin both admitted that they “didn’t feel we would be able to keep quiet” had they been in the courtroom.

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Both parents had already experienced difficulty keeping themselves restrained during the trial and they didn’t want any additional outbursts.

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Watch Trayvon Martin’s parents speak with CBS’s Charlie Rose:

Martin said he was very hurt by the verdict and didn’t empathize with the jurors on the case. “Our child has been taken from us…the jury was unable to see the situation through the eyes of African-American parents,” Tracy said.

The Martins were asked about the protests around the country and if they are concerned about potential violence. “None of the protests are asking for vengeance,” Fulton said. “They’re saying that Trayvon is about something. This is about other young Americans, and they have rights too.”

Watch “Today Show” interview below:

Above all, Fulton and Martin stressed how importance non-violence is to not only the memory of their son, but to other American teenagers, regardless of skin color.

“I want everyone to understand that Trayvon can’t rest in peace if there are any acts of vengeance, Martin said.  All we want is peace, peace, peace. It’s time for Trayvon to get some rest…our family needs to do some healing.”

The family concluded by reminding viewers that they will carry Trayvon’s legacy on. “Forget what the verdict said,” Fulton said. “We will be defining his legacy.”

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