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The 1965 March in Selma, Ala., also known as “Bloody Sunday,” has long been immortalized in lore via photos, articles, and other means of media. The gripping details of the event make up the story for a new graphic novel comic (pictured) that was promoted by one of the Civil Rights Movement’s most-visible leaders, Rep. John Lewis, at a comic book convention over the weekend.

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The Congressman was in San Diego at the Comic-Con 2013 comics convention to promote “March: Book One.” Co-written by an aide in his office, Andrew Aydin, and illustrated by Nate Powell, Rep. Lewis drew big crowds as he signed copies of the book, which won’t be available to the general public until next month.

Speaking with WXIA, Rep. Lewis explained the purpose of the graphic novel,”We have told the story in many ways to many different audiences,” Lewis said. “But this is an attempt to reach hundreds, thousands, and millions of young people. And people not so young.”

The novel opens with the events of Bloody Sunday in 1965, featuring Lewis and Hosea Williams facing Georgia state troopers ordered to halt the peaceful march. For what images have been shown, Rep. Lewis hopes that people embrace the project for being more than just a leisurely comic.

“It’s not just words. It’s illustrations. It’s drawings. It’s action. It’s drama,” Lewis said. “And we hope that young people will be able, by reading this book, will be able to feel, to almost taste what happened.”

“March: Book One” will be available to the public in August.

Watch news coverage of Lewis’ new comic book here:

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