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From the NY Daily News:

Gov. Paterson isn’t just a politician, he’s a party animal.

The far-from-popular governor was spotted at a funky Manhattan nightspot early Thursday – nowhere near the rubber chicken circuit.

Instead of pressing the flesh with pols or cajoling constituents, Paterson was hanging with the hip-hop crowd at Taj on W. 21st St., where Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex was in the house.

Seeing Paterson at the Chelsea club did not sit well with Brooklyn blogger Tionna Smalls, who dimed the governor out to

“I don’t want to put down my black brother, but come on, this is ridiculous,” said Smalls. “He’s the governor. You never see Bill Clinton just hanging out in Harlem.”

Smalls said Paterson was “just chilling and talking” and didn’t see him doing anything unseemly.

“The point is it was past 1 a.m. and he should be working on something like fixing the state economy,” said Smalls. “He’s embarrassing black people. Maybe that’s why they don’t want black people in office.”

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