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Glamazon and talk show host, Wendy Williams (pictured), appears to have it all together. On television, she comes across as a prime example of a strong Black woman.

Well, an unnamed source has flipped the script on that narrative and dished to the New York Daily News what it is really like behind the scenes of “The Wendy Williams Show.” Reportedly, the chat maven’s hubby, Kevin Hunter (pictured), is actually the OBIC (Only Boss In Charge).

The source alleges Williams’ persona actually lacks confidence and strength and her husband rules her staff with an iron fist.

“Kevin makes all the decisions and has become more and more controlling as the show has become a success,” one show insider tells the New York Daily News. “He insists that all show questions be run by him.”

Reportedly, Hunter has even gone as far as changing Williams’ cell number so that staff members could not have all-around access to her. “He’s also hired her a new driver, who reports to him,” said the unnamed person. All scripts must first be approved by Hunter, as well as all segment ideas and guest bookings. The source implied that Williams is pretty much powerless and Hunter is a control freak manipulator, one who is detested by many staffers on the show.

The source went on to give other examples of Hunter’s Svengali-like makeup. When Williams starred this summer in the Broadway show “Chicago,” Hunter allegedly read all of her congratulatory cards and sorted through her gifts, giving her just a portion of them.  “He thinks she is being bothered and thinks he’s looking out for her, but Wendy loves her fans,” the insider lamented.

Hunter has been in the public eye on more than one occasion. Williams revealed publicly that her younger husband had cheated on her during their marriage. In 2008, the alleged “rough neck” was accused of sexually propositioning Williams’ publicist and later threatened her when she turned down his advances. The accuser, Nicole Spence, also claimed that Williams encouraged her to dress provocatively for Hunter and to go along with his alleged sexual propositions.

Spence filed a $5 million sexual harassment lawsuit against the former shock jock’s husband, Williams and the station’s parent company, Inner City Broadcasting Corp.  Spence also accused Hunter of creating a hostile work environment by physically attacking Williams at the office. She also blamed the radio station for giving him authority–even though he did not work on the show–and for not responding to her multiple complaints about the situation.

The suit has been allegedly settled and swept neatly under a rug. Both Williams and Hunter have denied all of Spence’s accusations.

A few years ago, a sex tape circulated throughout the internet of a man who could be Hunter’s stunt double knockin’ boots with a woman who looked nothing like Williams.  Again, Williams denied that the man in the video was her husband.

Meanwhile, the husband and wife duo are co-executive producers on the talk show and also formed a production company four years ago.

Oh well, until the next scandal….

SOURCE: New York Daily News | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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