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Round-the-way rapper Foxy Brown (pictured) is accused of trying to steal a $900 weave from a Brooklyn, N.Y., hair salon, according to WPCG.

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Reportedly, one of the salon’s stylists, Genevieve Jean-Baptist, asked Brown to try on a weave.

When Brown placed the weave on her head, she allegedly ran out of the salon with it still on her head.

The hair stylist reportedly made a mad dash after Brown to try to recover the costly weave, pinning the 34-year-old celeb down.

In a moment’s notice, Jean-Baptist thought to capture the zany occurrence between her and Brown on video for the world to see. On the video, the stylist is viewed repeatedly demanding that Brown pay the $900 for the “stolen” wig. Jean-Baptist also repeats Brown’s name and threatens to take her filmed footage of the alleged robbery to Internet blogs.

Watch a portion of the video here:

Brown, who does appear to fork over some cash to Jean-Baptist, is then called a “bum” by the salon employee.  Apparently the demeaning label is not enough to infuriate Brown to the point of driving her to put up her dukes, but Brown has long held the reputation for being physically combative and has an assault rap sheet that dates back to 1997.