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Kanealeen Latouche (pictured) was arraigned on Wednesday and charged with allegedly using her own children, ages 2 and 3, to make pornography, reports News Channel 3.

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The Chesapeake, Va., Mom was arrested back on July 26th and charged with 30 counts of pornography involving her two children, a boy and girl. The charges include eight counts of production of child porn, five counts of aggravated sexual battery, and two counts of sodomy.

Police arrest records indicate that Latouche also allegedly sexually abused her children and the pornographic material she produced was to be sold. According to investigators, the 22-year-old Mom’s case is the first of its kind since 2010, when the police department’s Internet Crimes Against Children Unit was created.

As to who blew the whistle on Latouche is unknown, and the evidence discovered at her residence is also yet to be revealed.

Watch news coverage of the Kanealeen Latouche case here:

When News Channel 3 spoke to neighbor Todd Mchargue, he said that the young woman has lived at her home for about eight months.  According to Mchargue, he became suspicious of his neighbor when he began noticing expensive cars parked in front of her home with folks traipsing in and out.

“It’s, like, whenever you seen her outside, she was always on the phone, like she was coming out of the house to use the phone, and it was like, it was a revolving door there,” said Mchargue.  Even though Mchargue did think something not quite on the up and up was going on at Latouche’s home, he never fathomed that child pornography could allegedly be at the center.

“I have two golden retrievers and they, ya know, they loved the dogs and stuff, but she’d never let them come over and play with them, but yeah, that’s horrendous because they’re nice little kids. They were very nice, cute, little kids,” he said.

According to Latouche’s mother, who spoke to News Channel 3 as she left her daughter’s arraignment, “I don’t believe that my daughter did what [she is] being accused of…ya know. She love her children. She takes care of her children,” says the Mom whose name was not given.

Meanwhile, Latouche, who is still behind bars,  is scheduled to appear before a judge on Friday to determine if a bond will be granted. A preliminary hearing for the young woman is also set for September 3.