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Michelle Ghent (pictured below), reportedly hightailed it to court this week to get a restraining order against

Oscar-nominated actor Terrence Howard (pictured), but when she showed up, she was sporting a black eye, according to TMZ.

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Previously, NewsOne reported that Howard and his ex lady-love took a trip to Costa Rica along with a few family members and allegedly got in to a verbal and physical fight with each other.

Ghent accused Howard of beating her up and giving her a black eye. On the other hand, Howard claims that Ghent maced him and his adult daughter plus another family member.  Though Costa Rican police were summoned to the war zone, no arrests were made but reports were filed.

On Tuesday, Ghent appeared in an L.A. court with her black eye prominently displayed — sans shades — and was reportedly granted a restraining order against Howard, who cannot come within 100 yards of her pending another hearing this month.

Howard attempted to file his own request for a restraining order but was denied as the judge said the court would hear his side of things at the next hearing.

Howard and Ghent were still newlyweds when they went their separate ways. Ghent jump started the divorce proceedings, accusing Howard of using brute force throughout their union.  The co-star of one of the upcoming much-buzzed about films “The Butler,” referred to his wife as a staunch racist who called him the N-word often.  The couple’s marital mud-slinging competition became front page news for months until their divorced was finalized last May.

Watch Terrence Howard discuss allegedly beating Michelle Ghent in Costa Rica here:

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