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London’s Heathrow International Airport has been on very high security alert after credible sources have warned them about female Al-Qaeda suicide bombers, who are willing to board a plane with lethal breast implants that can detonate and kill throngs of innocent people, according to the UK Mirror.

The terrorist organization’s chief bomb developer, Ibrahim al-Asiri, can reportedly create explosives that can be hidden in the body. These types of explosives are also not detectable at airport scanners, so the carriers would be able to board a plane without raising any red flags.

Explosive experts, according to the UK Mirror, have surmised that the breast implants can be triggered by having another liquid injected into the implant that acts as a detonator while the female passenger is already seated on the plane. An electrical trigger could also set off the potentially explosive implants.

One Heathrow employee told the Daily Mirror, “There are genuine fears over this. We have been told to pay particular attention to females who may have concealed hidden explosives in their breasts. This is particularly difficult for us to pick up but we are on a very high state of alert.”

The British government fears that since there have been reports of hundreds of Pakistani extremists fleeing from prison, kamikaze hot rodders (those willing to voluntarily die for an extreme cause) will be readily available to take on such suicidal assignments.

Meanwhile, the lines at Heathrow have been reportedly unbearable due to this latest security concern. Independent security analyst Paul Beaver explained to the Daily Mirror: “It is taking longer to get through Heathrow and other airports in Europe and North America because of these fears. They are taking longer to screen people and there is definitely some sort of profiling going on. The general alert state remains the same in the UK but overseas, the recent Pakistan prison breakouts and foiled attacks in Yemen are raising fears of a new jihadist wave of violence.”

Besides the detonating implants, there is yet another fear that these terrorists have created a type of explosive solution that could be saturated into clothing garments and go through a security scanner without being noticed.

Beaver believes that terrorists are becoming more and more creative in getting through airport security checks, but he contends that even though, “The terrorist is getting clever, so are detection methods.”

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