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Well it seems that the seemingly ultra-straight-laced and pious former TV court judge Joe Brown (pictured) has a darker side that was all caught on camera.

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In a new video, the 65-year-old adjudicator — who has a pristine legal background of becoming a practicing attorney before he landed the role of a Memphis prosecutor, making him the very first African-American prosecutor in the city — is seen sporting a potty mouth with women who appear to earn their living sliding up and down poles.

Brown is allegedly overheard making vulgar statements, such as “Oooh, sh*t,  I have been tellin’ my boys to bring somebody home like this for a daughter-in-law. I would feel go**amn good!”  He then reportedly states, “And look I need a granddaughter like you,” as he hugs one of the young women close to his body.

When one of the men filming Brown quipped, “Guess what, judge, I’m not guilty,” he irately responds, “F**k that sh*t, I quit! I don’t do that bullsh*t anymore…I am about makin’ a lot of money behind entertainment.”

After Judge Brown says, “Pretty women are insecure … like this one and that one …,” Brown is then seen whipping out his smartphone to show the cameramen a picture of his 50 year-old wife, saying, “I don’t deal with ugly women!”

Watch Judge Joe Brown in action here:

Brown’s holier-than-thou court demeanor held up for 15 years, and his syndicated TV show was the second-highest-rated court program behind the legendary “Judge Judy.” Brown’s long-standing platform of “promoting manhood and protecting womanhood” in his court suddenly came to a stop last March, when the CBS network put the kibosh on his show.

At the time, the show was reportedly canceled due to Brown’s exorbitant salary demand of $20 million annually. The network was reportedly looking to cut back on costs, so Brown’s requested salary hike could not be met so they parted ways.

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