Propofol is injected intravenously by trained anesthesia professionals in a controlled environment.

There are certain conditions that doctors need to be aware of before administering proposal. These conditions include:

  • Arrhythmia (rapid, slow, or irregular heart beat)
  • Blood vessel disease
  • Head injury
  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • Pregnant or trying to get pregnant
  • Breast-feeding

It is also very important to inform your health care professional about all other medicines you are taking, including non-prescription medicines and supplements. Also inform them if you drink coffee and/or alcohol frequently, are a smoker, or if you use illegal drugs.

What are the side effects?

Be sure to report any propofol side effects as soon as possible to your health care provider, including:

  • Difficulty breathing, wheezing, swelling of the throat
  • Fast heartbeat/palpitations
  • Numbness or tingling in the hands or feet
  • Dizziness
  • Seizure (convulsion)
  • Swelling or extreme pain at the injection site
  • Muscle spasms

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