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Two men were arrested in Pennsylvania Friday in connection to the murder of 16-month-old Antiq Hennis (pictured), according to DNAinfo.

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Both suspects, Daquan Breland, 23, an ex-con and the suspected triggerman and Daquan Wright, 19, were captured in the city of Wilkes-Barre. Breland, a Bloods member, reportedly boasted to neighbors about the shooting, only to break down in tears when he was told that the baby had been killed instead of the boy’s dad and intended target, Anthony Hennis.

Anthony is reportedly not cooperating with the police.

Antiq was killed in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Brownsville last Sunday as his father took him for a stroller ride. A gunman approached and opened fire on the two. A bullet hit Antiq in the head, killing him instantly.

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DNAinfo has more on the shooting:

Sources said that the shooting was in retaliation against Antiq’s father — a Crips gang member with a long arrest record — for a Brooklyn shooting in July 2012 in which Wright’s brother, Craig Wright, 23, was wounded.

According to the sources, investigators only recently learned that Hennis was the suspected shooter in that case because witnesses refused to come forward. Another man, Lawand Tinsely, is on trial for the shooting and it was not clear if Hennis would be charged.

The fusillade in the 2012 shooting, near Chester and Riverdale avenues, left six people wounded, including 2-year-old Ariyanna Prince and 13-year-old Kentrell Simpson, the Daily News reported at the time.

According to the paper, the gunman was aiming at a group of people on the sidewalk and may have been in retaliation for a gang-related incident.

Sources said that on the evening that Antiq was killed on Sept. 1, a witness spotted Wright, nicknamed “Dada,” handing Breland, nicknamed “Five,” a .45 caliber handgun, who then unleashed a volley of 4-5 shots in Hennis’ direction.

Two of the slugs ripped through the child’s stroller including one that hit the baby in the head. A fourth bullet was not accounted for.

After the shooting, witnesses saw both of the men fleeing the scene. Breland allegedly fled to a relative’s house on Chester Street and bragged about shooting Hennis.

“I just shot that n—-r,” he allegedly said, according to the sources.

But a short time later, a woman came into the apartment and told him that the baby had been killed instead. “No you didn’t you shot and killed the baby,” she said.

After hearing the news, Breland broke down and cried “hysterically.” Then he asked someone in the apartment to call a cab.

Neither Breland nor Wright has been formally charged.