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Former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson (pictured right), who was drop-kicked out of the league over a domestic violence episode involving his former wife and “Basketball Wives” reality star Evelyn Lozada, is now gainfully employed again as a CBS fantasy football analyst, according to TMZ.

Johnson, who was married to Lozada for a little over a month, was arrested on a domestic battery charge for headbutting her during a heated argument last August. After the arrest, Johnson was released from his Miami Dolphins team, lost lucrative endorsements and a TV reality show deal with Lozada. She would divorce soon after.

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Since the divorce, Johnson’s life hit the skids, as he was faced with more than his fair share of money woes from bankruptcies to baby mama drama over child support. Even though Johnson reportedly wanted desperately to sign on with an NFL team, no one would have him.

Now Johnson will be an analyst, doling out fantasy football sleepers and busts on the CBS Sports Network. As to how long the gig will last, or if whether Johnson will be bumped up to a more prominent spot during the Sunday morning CBS broadcasts is hush-hush for now.

Meanwhile, Johnson, who is known for his gift of gab, is ecstatic about his new stint and tweeted as much on his Twitter account: