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After being profiled and followed into a Detroit restaurant by a pair of cops back in May, two brothers who were initially charged with assaulting the officers had those charges dropped after surveillance video revealed a different story.

Tywonn Mitchell, 20, and Naybon Moore, 26, have long argued that police acted out of line, and the Detroit Police Department (DPD) sided with the brothers last Friday.

As reported by Fox affiliate WJBK, Mitchell and Moore were seen on surveillance video scuffling with the cops inside a Coney Island after they asked the brothers for ID. When one of them asked the reason they were being questioned, the fight ensued.

The DPD initially said the cops’ response was appropriate but little over a week after WJBK aired a report, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office dropped the charges against Mitchell and Moore.

Mitchell, who is studying criminal justice at Madonna University, holds no ill will towards the officers and plans to use the experience going forward in his own career in law enforcement.

“I forgive them and I don’t hold any grudges for them. I hope they learned their lesson,” Mitchell said.