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Entrepreneurial gangsta thug Suge Knight (pictured) was arrested yet again early Wednesday morning near Beverly Hills for reportedly failing to appear in court for driving without a suspended license. There had been a warrant out for his arrest, according to TMZ.

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Knight was reportedly spotted by Los Angeles police when he was allegedly straddling two lanes as he drove along a street in his SUV. According to authorities, the 48-year-old, who is the founder and CEO of Black Kapital Records and co-founder and former CEO of Death Row Records, was driving a truck sans a license plate.

Initially, officers  suspected that Knight was under the influence of a substance but later assessed that he was clean and sober.

Still, officers reportedly cuffed the 6’5″ businessman and hauled him off to jail, where he currently sits with a $20,000 bail on his head.

Unfortunately, Knight is no stranger to prison cells.

Back in 1996, he was sent to prison for probation violation, and a year later, he was sentenced to nine years but released in 2001. Only two years after Knight’s release from his incarceration, he was sent to prison again for violating parole when he struck a parking attendant. In 2008, Knight made an appearance at a prison yet again, when he was charged with aggravated assault for reportedly being under the influence of both ecstasy and hydrocodone while brandishing a knife and beating his then-girlfriend of three years.

Police reportedly caught him in the act.

In 2012, Knight was cuffed in Las Vegas on prior outstanding traffic warrants, after police reportedly found marijuana in his car. Unfortunately, Knight was already serving three years of unsupervised probation for driving with a suspended license.  In February of this year, an arrest warrant was issued after Knight missed a court date in association with those previous charges, which brings us back to why he is sitting behind bars right now.

Oy vey!

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