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While Barack Obama is still feeling the heat for taking a picture with Ludacris a year ago, John McCain is associating himself with questionable entertainment himself. McCain will give a speech at the Sturgis Rally at Buffalo Chip, South Dakota. Besides having a women’s wrestling event and what people describe as a ‘topless’ beauty pageant(wet t-shirt contest), the Rally will feature a performance by Kid Rock.

Kid Rock, like Ludacris has a history of lyrics that are considered vulgar by the mainstream. Rock’s 1st two albums were dedicated to oral sex, and rleased a song ‘Pimp of the Nation’ in which he accused Geore H.W. Bush of ‘pimpin’ his wife Barbara. Rock regularly uses the ‘f-word,’ raps about drugs, liquor and promiscuous sex and performs with naked porn stars. Rock has also worn the American flag in a way many conservatives thought was desecrating and referred to himself as ‘Rock and Roll Jesus.’

Last month Kid Rock put out a youtube video encouraging fans to steal everything including laptops, Ipods and vehicles. He got into a fight at the video music awards in 2005 with his ex-wife’s ex-husband, Tommy Lee and was arrested for getting into a fight at a waffle house. Interestingly enough, Kid Rock has also recorded a song with two of black America’s most vilified artists, Ludacris and R. Kelly, called Rock star.

How will McCain’s speech with Kid Rock and little to scantily dressed women play with Fox News and the religious right and socially conservatives play out is yet to be seen. Rock had previously performed at the Bush Daughters inauguration gala which caused controversy in the socially conservative wing of the republican party.

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