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Christopher Simpson, 27 (pictured left), was found guilty of two counts of first degree murder by an Oklahoma jury for the April 8, 2012 execution-style slaying of his pregnant girlfriend, Ka’loni Flynn, 20, (pictured right) and her 12-week old fetus because he didn’t want to pay child-support, reports the Daily Mail.


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Flynn was reportedly 12 weeks pregnant when she told Simpson, who became angry when she refused to terminate the pregnancy. According to her father, Herbert Flynn, Jr., she didn’t believe in abortion.

According to her father, on the night of her murder, she met up with Simpson for help applying for government assistance. Soon after, Flynn was found dead in her car, shot twice in the head.

Ka’loni Flynn told friends that Simpson had threatened to “get rid of it for her” if she didn’t get an abortion, according to a police affidavit. And, reportedly, Simpson bragged about the murder to his friends, telling them that it was “too clean” and he would “never be caught.”

There was no DNA evidence linking Simpson to the case, but prosecutors built a strong, circumstantial case, reports the Times Record. But a DNA expert did testify that he was, indeed, the father of the fetus.

“I hope we showed you this was investigated thoroughly, and that every possible suspect was investigated and excluded except one,” said Crawford County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Jacob Howell.

According to Sheriff Bruce Curnutt, Simpson was behind on child-support payments for a 7-year-old daughter by another woman around the time of the murder.

“This was a senseless, needless, cold blooded murder,” said Herbert Flynn. “I’m glad it’s over. I’m glad we got the verdict we got. She deserved it.”

Simpson faces life without parole and is scheduled to be sentenced November 8.

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