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Republicans are going nuts over the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that launched on Tuesday, October 1. And since there has been confusion as to what the plan will entail and how it will affect everyone across the board, particularly young people, the White House has put out a call to R&B diva and actress Jennifer Hudson (pictured) to clarify some misconceptions about the health plan via a videoed “Funny Or Die” spoof based on the hit TV show “Scandal.”

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The informative filmed short, entitled “Scandalous,” depicts Hudson in a chic white trench coat playing a covert scandal crisis manager who sheds some light about Obamacare across the nation.

Watch Jennifer Hudson’s “Scandalous” “Funny or Die” spoof here:

At one point during the spoof, a woman says, “My company’s health care, it doesn’t cover mammograms. Hudson, a Grammy- and- Oscar-winning performer who is spoofing the role of “Scandal’s” “Olivia Pope” played by Kerry Washington, responds, “The ACA covers preventative care for women’s health,” Hudson tells her, before adding, “Girl, go find you a scandal.”

Hudson’s character helps clients who need assistance in keeping their adult children on their insurance plan, receiving free preventive care, and other benefits provided by Obamacare.  She even lends a hand to a senator so that he can enroll his pregnant mistress in ACA!

Since older, sicker people will most likely jump on ACA, insurers in the plan are in dire need of healthy young people to spread their risk. If there is a lack of young enrollees in the plan, industry experts fear that the health premiums will go through the roof and ACA will fall apart.  Therefore, supporters of ACA inside and outside of the White House are working incessantly to make sure this does not happen.

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