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A 7-year-old boy was burned after he tried opening a pouch of meat during lunch at Pennell Elementary school in Philadelphia on Friday, Fox 29 News reports.

“I was trying to open it, and I smashed it. And it splattered all over my face and my clothes,” Ja-Kye Robinson (pictured) said. “It felt hot, and it burned.”

What was suppose to be noontime meal of turkey taco meat over nacho chips ended up burning the boy. He was taken to the principal’s office for treatment, but even that raised questions–like, “where’s the nurse?” The principal and staff tended to Ja-Kye by helping him apply ice to the wound. When his parents were notified, they immediately took him to the emergency room where he was treated for the injury.

He suffered second-degree burns.

Ja-Kye will be fine, but his parents were upset over the whole incident, starting with the temperature of the food. “Why would you feed a 7 year old first grader food that hot? Why? It don’t make no sense,” John Ambrose, Ja-Kye’s father said.

School District Spokesman Fernanda Gallard agreed. Another problem Ja-Kye’s mother raised was why the school didn’t call 911. “Like, ‘oh, it’s no big deal. It’s a burn.’ To me, it is a big deal. It’s my child’s face,” Rosalyn Robinson said.

Gallard says the district will investigate the temperature of the food served to the children at the school that day. It’s too early to determine whether those burns will leave a scar on Ja-Kye face.

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