When a South Carolina stripper wanted to give a patron a lap dance at a Myrtle Beach strip club, he passed and that didn’t sit too well with pole dancer’s ego, according to The Smoking Gun.

Ernest Kadlick, 31, told officers that he was “having a good time in the club” with friends when Nicole Passmore, 25, tried to dance on his lap several times at the Masters Gentlemen’s Club Monday, Oct. 8. Kadilck resisted her advances each time and was not too happy when she allegedly tried to take money he had placed on a table in front of him.

When he rejected her for the third and final time, Passmore allegedly told him that he had a “sweet receding hairline.”

In response, Kadlick declared, “Yeah, and you’re a snaggle toothed bitch!”

Witnesses told Myrtle Beach Police Department investigators that Passmore “got up and started striking [Kadlick] in the face…approximately 5-6 times.” Kadilick and his friends left the club and the cops were called. When the cops arrived on the scene, one of them noticed “a welt coming from the area of left eyebrow.”

Passmore claims she only hit Kadilick after he pushed her, but no witnesses corroborated her story. She was arrested and charged with assault.

After being transported to the Myrtle Beach jail, Passmore was subsequently released on bond.

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