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Miley Cyrus may capture America’s attention with her twerking ways, but one YouTube user is most unimpressed.

User Krissyblu says, among other hilarious critiques, that the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus doesn’t have enough booty to qualify as a legitimate twerker and that her love of all things African-American need to be put in check.

”Miley, right here, girl. Just listen to me,” she says. ”I get it. I understand. You love Black people. That’s understandable. We’re the shit. And Black culture has been popular for centuries. People have always wanted to be a part of it, emulate it, imitate it, just dip in there and hang out with a Black guy. Shoutout to Justin Timberlake. But this is excessive. Alright. It’s too much.”Check out the rest of her too-funny commentary below: