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In a bizarre home invasion case, a Detroit family was in the process of letting their cat back into their residence when three men suddenly barged through the door, demanded to know where they kept their weed stash, and then, out of the blue, shot their dog before escaping, according to Fox 2 News Detroit.

Patricia Graham, an elderly woman who lives at the residence where the incident took place, said she thought the men were policemen because they sported badges and waved guns in the air.

The hooded men aggressively pointed guns to their heads while frantically yelling, “Where’s the weed?” Officers say there was no evidence of drugs in the home and have surmised that the men must have mistaken the residence for another.

After the men were not able to secure any drugs, they shot the family’s dog before hightailing it out of the home.

“He barks, you know, but he doesn’t bite anybody, and they just shot him,” Graham told Fox 2.

Lori Bartley, another senior who lives in the home, said that after the men shot the dog, “They started backing off and took off. All I know is it’s a silver car; it must’ve been a four door because there was three of them,” she says.

Meanwhile, Detroit police were summoned to the victim’s home and were on the scene in a record-breaking two minutes time. Authorities are reportedly delving into the matter further. So far, no suspects have been apprehended.

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