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Love Olatunjiojo was walking with two friends along a Brooklyn street in late June when three New York City policemen descended upon them. The officers suspected drug possession and conducted a search of the men and found what they thought was methamphetamine, so they cuffed them and hauled them off to jail. The only problem with this scenario is that the men are only guilty of harboring Jolly Rancher hard candies! According to The Smoking Gun, Olatunjiojo has now issued a lawsuit against New York’s finest.

In his lawsuit, Olatunjiojo says he purchased the candies from a local candy shop in the city’s famed Coney Island neighborhood. The candies were still wrapped up when the officers stopped and searched the 25-year-old and his two unidentified buddies. Once the ‘men in blue’ discovered the candies, Olatunjiojo and one of his friends were arrested for drug possession. The third man involved was detained for yelling at the officers, “It’s candy!”

Olatunjiojo was charged with drug possession and spent 24 hours in a cell before he was released on his own recognizance.

According to the criminal court complaint, the officers stated they seized  a “quantity of methamphetamine” that field tested positive for the psychostimulant. Two days later, a police lab tested the alleged drugs and concluded that they were nothing but mere candy.

Even though a lab clearly stated that Olatunjiojo’s property was not a controlled substance, the narcotics counts against him did not budge and remained until a September 19 court hearing, when a prosecutor motioned to do away with the charges. Olatunjiojo’s friends also subsequently had the charges against them dropped as well.

Now, the man of African descent, who alleges that all he endured throughout the humiliating process of his false arrest is more than he can live with, has filed the lawsuit against the NYPD claiming “emotional trauma” and “severe mental pain and anguish.”

Do the damn thing Olatunjiojo!