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Brenda Tucker, 21, and her brother Ricky Tucker, 20, were at the Texas Bar & Grill in Detroit, Michigan early Sunday when Brenda, who was suffering from depression, shot herself in the chest. An ambulance was called and as Ricky raced behind it to the hospital, he was struck and killed by an SUV.

They were both pronounced dead at St. John Hospital.

“She grabbed a gun, and I took it away from her head,” said their Uncle Eddie Falbo. “Others were talking to her. I came out the door and heard, ‘pop.’ It was terrible. There were about eight to 10 people in the bar — everyone heard it.”

Detroit police spokeswoman Kelly Miner said Ricky Tucker crossed the center line when his car collided with the SUV. The other driver, who suffered minor injuries, was treated and released.

“It’s just one disaster after another for this poor family,” said Regina Holman, the owner of the bar. “I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like to bury two children.”

Holman’s son is married to Amandajo Holman, Ricky’s and Brenda’s sister, who spoke about the tragedy to USA Today:

Brenda Tucker was full of life, her sister said, adding that she did not know what led up to her thinking she could not go on.

“She was going to college to become something,” Amandajo Holman said. “She was going to be a social worker.”

Brenda Tucker had worked at the bar since she turned 18, those who knew her said. She and her brother lived in Eastpointe.

Ricky Tucker was drawn to music and loved to hang out with his niece and nephew. Amandajo Holman said there was never a dull moment with him.

“Ricky was Ricky,” she said. “He was fun. He was wild. He was crazy, and he had an imagination.”

This is the third death in their family in six months, according to Falbo:

“The boy — the one who just died — killed his step-dad. They were shooting back and forth, and he killed him in self-defense,” Falbo said. “The police let him right out of jail, because [his step-father] was shooting at him.

“Three people in one family killed in six months,” Falbo said. “These kids’ mother is going through hell.”