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Activist dance group Dancing For Action held another flash mob outside Brooklyn’s Barclays Center Friday evening, demanding an end to Stand Your Ground laws and reacting to Thursday’s stunning reversal on an August Stop & Frisk ruling.

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The group performed their “Nago” dance outside the Center because of the evening’s Miami Heat vs. Brooklyn Nets game.”We knew that the Miami Heat were playing here tonight,” said Sheila Anozier (pictured right of center), one of Dancing For Action’s founders. “We knew that they were also in support of making some change against ‘Stand Your Ground.’ I know that they took some steps after the verdict came out and wore hoodies and posted it on social media and wrote things on their sneakers in support.”

Watch the entire “Nago” warrior dance outside the Barclays Center here:

“We just wanna show them there is a group of people out here that [are] moving towards change.”

“This is a place where people gather. This is a place of supposedly community,” added dancer Belinda Becker (pictured left of Sheila). “It’s a place for us in Brooklyn.”

Having seen multiple black men stopped and frisked in her Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, Becker had some strong words for Mayor Michael Bloomberg after the recent stay on the practice.

“That’s Bloomberg’s last gasp,” she said. “He’s such an ego-manaical, horrible person that he cannot leave and just let justice take its course. He wants to leave with this legacy, knowing damn well that it is racial profiling.” Like many of her dancing peers, Becker says she “hopes to God” that Bill De Blasio wins the general election Tuesday.

“We needed to be here tonight and let them [the Miami Heat] know we appreciate them speaking out,” said dancer Pat Hall (pictured in last picture below, to Anozier’s right). “We all really need to keep this present and not forget it. Like, coming to a sports game, that’s all fine and good. But this is something that affects us all. Particularly, if you’re a person who has any sense of what’s right and what’s wrong, this affects us all.”

Though the group has no plans for collaborations with the Heat against Stand Your Ground, Anozier did note that “if they wanna reach out to us with this problem, please come, contact us-Dancing For Action.” Only time will tell if Lebron James heeds her call.

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See more pictures from the event below: