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Nerjyzed Entertainment, of Baton Rouge, plans to release the Xbox 360 version of its game, BCFx, the Black College Football Xperience, on Sept. 1, to coincide with the college football season, Chief Executive Officer Jacqueline Beauchamp said Tuesday.

The console version’s release date has been delayed for months while Nerjyzed worked out some technical issues, Beauchamp said.

“There are a lot of pieces to this game. Literally, it’s two games in one,” Beauchamp said.

In addition to the football game — which features matchups between historically black colleges and universities, or HBCUs — BCFx includes a Battle of the Bands halftime show and head-to-head drumline play.

The halftime show required developers to coordinate the movement of around 200 band members, Beauchamp said. Nerjyzed also had to make sure the drum pads used in the interactive musical portion of the game worked correctly.

Integrating all of those separate elements seamlessly was new and different, not to mention complicated, she said.

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