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Ludacris is the latest celebrity to be idolized by a signature scent. TAG body spray has tapped Chris Lova Lova to release scents for their “Signature Series.” The “Signature Series” features cologne style scents exclusive to TAG from celebrities including Carmelo Anthony and skateboarder Rob Dyrdek. Luda’s “Get Yours” will go head to head with Carmelo’s “Stay Up” and Dyrdek’s “Make Moves”. The celebrity whose scent makes the most in sales will win money to donate to charity.

Luda recently made headlines announcing his own signature line of Cognac. He teamed up with Norwegian Cognac producer, Birkedal Hartmann to make a new product called Conjure. Conjure cognac made its debut in Norway in July and will be released in the United States in September. The cognac is said to have hints of vanilla, apricot and dried prunes in it and will retail for $30 a bottle.

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