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Say it ain’t so! 

Was “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Porsha Stewart (pictured) spied by a shopper using a government-issued EBT card at a Kroger food chain? Porsha was allegedly eye-balled swiping the Food Stamps card that is typically utilized by welfare recipients in order to purchase food, according to RumorFix.

Stewart, who is still a regular on the top-rated Bravo cable show, is still in the throes of a messy, messy divorce from her estranged former NFL hubster, Kordell Stewart. There have been reports over the last few months that Kordell, who should have a nice little nest egg tucked away from his NFL career, has been refusing to part with some of his money so that his missus can maintain her highfalutin status.

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Kordell, who is still in the limelight as a sports announcer, has denounced his soon-to-be, money-seeking ex, stating that she is “able-bodied enough” to support herself and should not try to glom onto his earnings. Kordell also alleged in court that Porsha has an “unreasonable sense of entitlement” and is “financially negligent,” including  failure to pay taxes and losing a condo. But the young socialite wants her husband to pay her spousal support and all costs for the time she put into their marriage of nearly two years. The 32-year-old granddaughter of civil rights activist Hosea Williams also claimed that when she made the decision to marry Kordell, she gave up a lucrative business career to care for him and his young son.

Meanwhile, Porsha has publicly stated that she is living back with her mom in order to save money to get a place of her own.

But is the Chanel-bag toting, Louboutin-wearing, Remy weave-sporting Porsha that hard up for cash that she has applied for the Food Stamps government assistance program?

Well, an insider told the website RumorFix that they surely spotted Porsha at a Kroger located in Atlanta’s ritzy Buckhead section and she was swiping an EBT card to pay for her groceries. The snoop went on to tell the website, “I couldn’t see exactly what she bought because she was three people ahead of me on line, but it looked like some cereal and some fruits and vegetables.”