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At age 25, Candis Doss (pictured), a black woman, says she has never experienced racism in her life. Well, there’s a first time for everything!

When Doss called a party limo bus rental to arrange a ride for her mom’s birthday, her call got dropped but what she received in return was a racist text message from the company, according to MyFox Detroit.

Doss was driving her car when she called the Detroit Limo Party Bus Company which she had found via a Craigslist booking agent. The young woman’s mom was celebrating a birthday and she had wanted to book a vehicle for a party. When Doss was inquiring about pricing for the stretch vehicles, her call suddenly dropped.

Not long after losing her connection, Doss received a text message that took her aback which stated the following:

“Why do black people always just hang up…Is it an inherited thing to be rude? or is it because you were slaves for so long?”

Doss expressed to Fox 2 News’ Amy Lange just how disappointed she was after encountering her first brush with racism. “It never happened to me, or somebody that was just close to me, where I could feel what they feel,” she said. “I feel what everybody feels now, I mean, it’s just like – when is it gonna stop?”

Fox 2 contacted the Detroit Limo Party Bus Company to see if they could get any answers as to how or why the text was sent to Doss. The company told the news outlet it would delve into the alleged matter further.

Meanwhile, something very good came out of Doss’ predicament: The Metro Party Bus company contacted the young woman and offered free transportation for her mom’s birthday celebration.