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Jack-of-all-entertainment, Steve Harvey (pictured), who hosts the daytime game show “Family Feud” was taken aback when a contestant offered up an awkward response to a question about zombies, according to Starcasm.

“Name something you know about zombies,” was the question asked by Harvey to a contestant by the name of Christie (pictured right). In a split second, the woman buzzed in with her answer…”Black.”

Harvey looked surprised, not believing what Christie had uttered, as the audience chimed in with laughter. Christie immediately realized her diarrhea of the mouth, then tried to clean up what she said by stating, “I don’t know if they’re White!” The statement was followed by made an awkward expression while the young woman tried to laugh off her apparent discomfort.

Watch the hilarious moment here: 

Harvey, who was stupefied by the response, turned his back on the two contestants for a moment to seemingly gain composure.  Christie then says, “It’s up there,” twice. Harvey replies, “You shut up lady!”

Despite the fact Christie’s answer had a snowball’s chance in hell of appearing on the poll board, Harvey suddenly chuckles then looks to see if the woman’s bizarre answer appears.

It obviously did not!

Fans of the show immediately took to the program’s social media sites Twitter and Facebook to criticize Christie, with some referring to her as a staunch racist for her response. Others defended the woman, stating that she simply misspoke.

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