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A Connecticut man was arrested Wednesday on charges he made threats against President Barack Obama and the president’s family.

Joshua Phillip Klimas, 32, of Coventry, was arrested at his home by U.S. Secret Service, and then ordered by a judge to be admitted to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

Klimas, who was recently an engineering student at UConn, sent a message to on June 1 that contained threatening messages to President Obama, including, “If you do not resign by the end of the year, I will kill you.”

“We all have our political views. But he just took it to the extreme,” said one of Klimas’ close friends.

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Klimas wrote other disturbing comments like, “Your days are numbered and it will bring me much pleasure to watch the blood pour from your treasonous body,” and “I will not rest until you are either behind bars or a pile of ashes.”

The complaint said Klimas threatened other people.

According to the agent, Klimas admitted to writing that post and said it was his duty to protect the Constitution and it was a wake-up warning for the president.

“We were all confused. We never thought something like this would happen,” said the friend.

Klimas said he had mental issues and was briefly committed to a hospital twice. He also said he took medical marijuana for anxiety and was being treated at UConn as well.

The Secret Service is currently investigating along with the University of Connecticut and Coventry Police Department.

Read Klimas’ arrest affidavit here.