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THINGS for President Obama to do when on vacation here next week: shoot some hoops, view the majestic Aquinnah Cliffs, peruse the Featherstone Flea Market and, if the owner of C’est la Vie, a clothing store here, has his way, buy the T-shirt that lays out all these options.

The Obamas are vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard, and the only ones working harder than Secret Service agents to get ready are the souvenir shop, restaurant and other store owners scrambling to stock and sell T-shirts, posters and muffins commemorating the Obamas’ first vacation as first family.

“Look at that, an ‘Obamarita,’ ” said Kathy Santaniello, a tourist from Wilbraham, Mass. as she walked past Sharky’s Cantina here, which advertised the drink — a margarita made with crushed mandarin oranges (rumored to be Mr. Obama’s favorite fruit), pineapple juice (a nod to his Hawaiian heritage), triple sec and tequila.

Eric Godbout, a bartender, said the drink had been selling briskly ever since the White House announced the president will arrive here Aug. 23. Michelle Obama and their daughters are expected to arrive earlier.

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