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A Brooklyn woman (pictured center) was struck in the head by a stranger in an unprovoked attack in East New York Tuesday afternoon, the New York Daily News reports.

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The woman, whose name was not disclosed, said she had just left a nail salon and was heading to a Spanish restaurant on New Lots Avenue when a man came and hit her in the head before running away.

“No, I do not know that guy,” she said after leaving the 75th Precinct. “He just attacked me.”

The attack was confirmed by a witness at the salon.

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“The lady was in here getting her nails done, she walks out and the guy just come up and hit her,” said Kenny Sanz, a worker at the Rainbow Nail Salon.

“I was right here, I heard a boom. I looked up and I looked right at him,” Sanz added. “I looked him in the face. And then he ran away fast, really fast.”

Officers managed to arrest a possibly disturbed 27-year-old in connection with the attack. They are not confirming if it stems from the reported “knockout” game, where strangers randomly attack people in attempts to knock them out.

The NYPD is also investigating eight other assaults with suspected ties to the game.