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Remember singer Bryan Abrams from 1990s R&B group “Color Me Badd“?

Well, the once-hunky singer looked nothing like the man who sang “I Wanna Sex You Up” some 22 years ago when he appeared in an Oklahoma court last week after being accused of not honoring the terms of his probation in connection with a 2012 domestic violence case.

Abrams made his way in to court using a walker and looked much heavier than he was during the height of his music career back in the 90s.

NewsOK reports that Abrams, 43, of Oklahoma City, pleaded guilty to one count of domestic abuse in April 2012. His wife, Kimberly Frazier, claims in court papers that Abrams punched her in the face during an argument and says that she was “also hit in several places that caused injuries to her neck and thigh.”

The R&B front man was ordered to perform community service and get counseling for domestic abuse and substance abuse issues, but is accused of not complying with either order. An arrest warrant was subsequently issued for his arrest in February for violating his probation.

Here is more from OKNews:

Matt Swain, a Norman attorney representing Abrams in court, said his client has not fulfilled the terms of his probation because Abrams has been plagued by health problems over the past few years.

Swain said his client has been trying to lose weight and recently had hip surgery, which requires him to use a walker.

“But he wanted everyone to know that he’s sober, he’s trying to get his life back together right now,” Swain said. “The health problems he’s had … have kind of derailed his life.”

Abrams used the walker in court — in front of the judge — but he ran up the stairs after leaving the courtroom, picking the walker up and carrying it up the stairs. He picked the walker up a second time after he spotted a news photographer waiting for him to exit the courthouse.

Five days before his court appearance, Abrams tweeted about his health: “Just wanna let you know as of today, I am walking with no cane, no limp & NO PAIN!! Oh it’s on now!” he wrote.

Abrams has an extensive history of domestic violence and substance abuse arrests. He has been charged with domestic abuse four times since June of 2006. Twice, the case against Abrams was dismissed. In 2007, he pleaded guilty to beating his wife and was placed on probation for two years. Back in December 2005, Abrams was arrested for drunken driving and plead guilty to that charge.

He has reportedly been divorced twice with a third one pending.

Back in his heyday, Abrams flourished. With Abrams as the lead singer, Color Me Badd’s debut album “C.M.B,” released in September of 1991, sold more than six million records worldwide.

The single, “I Wanna Sex You Up,” was part of the “New Jack City” movie soundtrack (see below):

According to Wikipedia, Abrams is no longer with the group, but some of the original members, namely Mark Calderon and Kevin Thornton, continue to tour as CMB. A new album is expected to be released in 2014. According to his website, Abrams is still producing music and tweets regularly.