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When it comes to sexual assault accusations, some people try to take more precautions than others when they feel like they have more to lose. Roxanne Jones (pictured), a former exec from ESPN, believes that Mothers should encourage their sons to receive a text from girls consenting to sex before they engage in intercourse.

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Jones spoke with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now about the issue because, although rape cases should be taken very seriously, 8 percent of sexual assault cases are reportedly false. “There are 97,000 cases of sexual assaults between kids between 18 and 24 where drinking was involved… The FBI says 8 percent of all rape allegations are false.

“Eight percent of 100,000 is [8,000],” she continued, “and it is a smaller number compared, but if one of those [8,000] boys, and even the girls, if that’s your child, then you’re concerned. That’s [8,000] children between 18 and 24.”

Journalist Sil Lai Abrams, though, argues that a text wouldn’t be enough protection for legal purposes, “If you’re going straight on what she said as far as get that text to get you covered, I think it’s going to have to be in the form of a legal document if it’s going to stand up in court.”

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