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It seems that after all of the boo-hoo-hoo-ing that was done on “Basketball Wives” by its star Evelyn Lozada (pictured) over her messy breakup with former hubby Chad Johnson, the reality star is finally moving on, pregnant and happy.

Lozada just announced via a selfie that she is six months pregnant with her second child and told  Hollywood Life, “I’m in bliss and finally truly happy.”

The 37-year-old diva, whose dramatic, over-the-top circus antics keeps viewers coming back for more on “BBW,” has many fans confused by her latest news.  During the last season, Lozada, who divorced Johnson last year after an argument over infidelity led to him viciously head-butting her, spent most of the time crying over her lost two-month marriage on the show.

She never mentioned the fact that she had been secretly dating someone for over a year.

On one episode of “BBW,” Lozada and Johnson visited a fertility specialist in an effort to try to get pregnant. Johnson, who has four other children wanted he and Lozada to try for a boy.  Lozada’s daughter is 20-years-old and she desperately wanted to have Johnson’s baby as evidenced on the show.

Reportedly,  Lozada has found a new baby daddy and reportedly the relationship is a serious one.  Up until now, only her family members knew about the pregnancy.

Now as to who Lozada’s baby daddy is…well inquiring minds want to know but she is NOT spilling the goods!

Hopefully, Lozada will try to live a chaos-free existence at least during her pregnancy!  We wish you well Evelyn!