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The Notorious B.I.G. didn’t live to see his baby girl turn 16, but T’yanna Wallace made sure he was there for her Sweet Sixteen party last night.

Dolled up in a pink dress and Nikes to match, the hip-hop princess wore a button over her heart emblazoned with her slain father’s face.

“I needed to have him here with me,” she said, standing outside of Taj, an upscale lounge in the Flatiron District.

“I feel like I’m all grown up now,” the teenager added.

T’yanna showed off her custom-made dress by Bronx designer Walter Steele.

Lollipops and Jolly Ranchers were scattered across the dress, in keeping with the party’s theme of candy.

“It was a combination of a magical candy land meets rock star,” Steele explained.