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Panelists on NewsOne Now discussed the racially charged issues of 2013, from the Trayvon Martin and Kendrick Johnson deaths to the lack of diversity of “SNL,” and the “Duck Dynasty” racist remarks.

Jeff Johnson says we missed the mark in making real change by not channeling anger into a movement. “In 2014, if we’re going to be talking about Kendrick Johnson or we’re going to talk about the sister, Renisha [McBride], in Detroit,” said Johnson. “We’re going to talk about, more importantly, Voting Rights Act. We’re going to be talking about jobs and opportunity, all of these things aren’t going to happen with campaigns. They’re going to have to happen with movements. Movements only happen when you train people to be prepared.

“You [Roland Martin] and I were on calls with two to three thousand college students saying, ‘I want to be involved, I want to be trained,’ and I haven’t seen anyone effectively say, maybe the Dream Defenders, use that energy to take something that’s sustainable beyond Trayvon.”

Listen to the panel below.

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