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Brandon Glenn (pictured middle) and his mother, Bettye Adams (pictured right in braids), are being charged in a Detroit murder that took place on New Year’s Day involving victim Melina Moore (pictured left). Glenn is being accused of the murdering his wife and Adams is facing a count of aiding in a crime, according to My Fox Detroit.

Police investigators allege that Glenn, 25 and Moore, 23 got into an argument in the wee hours of Jan. 1 and it took an ugly turn. Adams reportedly stood near by as the couple’s row intensified. When Moore walked away from the quarrel, Glenn allegedly shot her.

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Adams then reportedly placed the injured young woman in her car with the intention of transporting her to a nearby hospital. Police documents state that somewhere along the line Adams had a change of heart, panicked, and hightailing it to her own home. Allegedly, the 45-year-old mom somehow thought the crime would get pinned on her, which was why she decided not to seek medical attention for Moore.

The cops discovered Moore’s lifeless body behind the wheel of her car in Adam’s driveway.

According to Moore’s family, she was a victim in a violent relationship. The family is hopeful that the young woman’s death will serve as a wake-up call for those who are victims of domestic violence.

Moore’s cousin, Rashaunda relayed a poignant message to Adams. “You’re just as guilty because a mother is supposed to teach their child something different. She never taught him anything.”