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Blogger Doyin Richards (pictured), founder of the website, received an overwhelming response when he posted a picture on Facebook and Twitter of him being a dutiful dad, combing the hair of his toddler daughter, while his infant was Baby Bijorned to his chest.

The photograph received a number of positive posts from his followers, but he was also berated by Alpha males, racists and haters in general who could not fathom why he was being so nurturing to his children.

Richards claims he had no ulterior motive when he took the pic except to provide proof to his doubting wife that he did in fact style his 3-year-old daughter’s hair. “During the process, I thought, there’s no way my wife will believe me if I don’t take a picture of this,” Richards said on his DDW website. “That’s when I set my camera up, put it on a 10-second timer, and took the photo you’re looking at right now. After 15 minutes of multitasking, the final result was a nice, tight ponytail for big sister and a happily sleeping baby in the carrier. Mission accomplished. I emailed the photo to her with the caption “Boom.” and we both got a good laugh out of it.”

The majority of Richards’ followers are doting dads who take pride in being involved in every aspect of their children’s lives. These men equally share parenting duties with their mates. These very same men oftentimes thank Richards for his refreshing take on the obligations of fatherhood.

Yet the hate mail from the throngs of folks who attacked the 39-year-old man was mind-boggling. Comments came flooding in and incendiary thoughts and feelings were hurled at Richards such as:

“He probably rented those kids. They don’t even look like him.”

“I would bet anything that you’re a deadbeat.”

“OK buddy, cute picture. Now why don’t you hand the children back to their mom so you can go back to selling drugs or your bootleg rap CDs?”

“So do you do this for all of your illegitimate kids?”

Richards’ skin is apparently thick because he has a few choice words for those individuals who can’t get with the doting dad movement. “Why don’t you put big boy shorts on and get in on the revolution of good fathers? It’s not a good look to tear down dads for doing the work your wives wished you were man enough to do on your own. If you don’t believe me, just ask your spouses. They’ll tell you. But don’t worry. I’ll still be here whenever you’re ready to step your game up and join #TeamGrownAssMan.”

One picture and negative comments won’t stop Richards from forging on in his crusade to up the ante for daddyhood.

“I’m going to continue doing the stuff you love. If you hate me, that’s bad news because I’m going to continue doing the stuff you hate. If you fall into the “hate” category, just send my blog to all of your enemies (that’ll show ‘em). For the rest of you, I’m so humbled and happy to be a guy you follow and enjoy as we embark on this crazy road of parenthood together.”

Keep doin’ the damn thing Richards!