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LaKeisha Shum (pictured) has been overweight for some time and her self-esteem was in the dumps. But instead of continuing to wallow in self-pity, the San Francisco native made the decision to produce a series of videos titled “100 Days At The Gym”on site called that would publicly document her journey to shed the unwanted pounds.

Shum’s series, which went live Jan. 6, has generated over 160,000 views. So far, she is 18 pounds lighter.

The 32-year-old, who once weighed a hefty 345 pounds, began her weight loss crusade at 315 pounds. Shum decided to put in the arduous work of exercising for 100 days straight in order to lose the weight because she was quickly spiraling into depression, a path she certainly did not want to venture down.

“I always just thought of myself as someone who was unattractive and was not fit to be married or have kids,” Shum said in her video diary. “I have a lot of other friends that are moving on in life and doing all these great things and I’m happy for them, but I still feel that I’m kind of stuck. Next hundred days, I will be on the journey of losing weight and finding myself.”

So far, Shum has managed to amass a fan club of well-wishers who are encouraging her to stay on track and to not lose focus.

Exercising has become second nature to Shum and it is evident in her attitude. “It is pouring cats and dogs outside, but I’m going to go to the gym and I’m going to go work my butt off,” she says on her video in day 61 of her weight-loss journey.

By day 78, Shum is exuberant about no longer tilting the scales in the 300-pound range. On the 90th day, she shares her excitement at being able to kick up her legs, a feat that many take for granted.

Shum’s 100th day is a celebratory culmination of self-love as she has managed to go from a size 26 to a size 22, stating in her video, “I’ve found love in myself!”

The new slimmed-down Shum says she plans on continuing her weight loss exercise strategy throughout 2014. Fans can keep their eyes on her Shum’s weight loss through the website, where daily pics are uploaded of her workouts.

Shum, however, never states on her videos whether diet tweaking came into play in her quest to shed the pounds.

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